Wednesday, July 26, 2006


Saw the 100th episode again this week. My points when it first came out still stand. I really loved watching Lex stare at Clark "appearing" out of nowhere after Lana's crash. It is sad they didn't spend more time.

I am also still unhappy with the lack of discussion between Chloe and Clark on his powers and what he has done in the past to save her and many in smallville.

The episode in which Clark loses his memory (thief had meteor power to take away memory) was fun with Chloe learning a few things about clark but they still miss out on the wider discussion of his powers and how he has used them.

Perhaps they are just smart in that they know to leave things unsaid so we can make up our own vision of what is happening.... rather than pin anything down.

Question for next season? How does clark get out of the Phantom zone? Will he done his cape this season?

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