Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Democrats will make us safer?

I get so tired of hearing that the Republicans are not doing enough to protect us from Terror. Let's see, exactly how much is enough? What would be enough?

1. Airport/plane Security. Every strip searched, including Cavity searches? Airplanes constantly checked and rechecked? Each time someone gets on the plane we then send bomb sniffing dogs on to verify no bombs were left? After all the caterers who restock the food have access. How about each business that does business with airports/airlines must be constantly checked and their people screened for terrorist ideologies? Each plane must have the same capabilities as Air force one, including counter measures against missles and other threats. Hell, why not have personal escape pods for all passengers? At what point would enough be enough?

2. Cargo. Scan everything that comes in? With what scanner? New technology is always coming out, so do we buy new scanners for every port every three months or what? Why not? Money shouldnt be the issue, safety is.

I know. instead of spending all of this money in various ways that will never be enough lets pay all taxpayers of record 1 million dollars as prepayment of anything that might happen to them. That the taxpayer understands that he or she can spend that money in anyway they see fit. It will be cheaper than what the democrats want.

Lets be honest. The Democrats know the Republicans are doing what is pragmatic and measured. You can always claim more should be done when your the party that is out of office. Once in office you have to draw a line somewhere. So when the Democrats get it pay attention to where they draw the line, because they will.

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