Tuesday, August 29, 2006


Just watched the Brian Williams special on Katrina "one year later" - and it makes me want to puke. During the entire one hour special only once was Nagin mentioned... and this was in a clip using another reporter who asked Nagin if he should shoulder a lot of the blame... (which he of course passed the buck) Williams only blamed the Federal Government. He failed to accurately report the story. He refused to talk about how the local government is responsible to take care of all the victims, not the Federal government.

He showed some truly Horrifying situations. Yet he kept defending the lawbreakers going overboard to make excuses for them. He failed to discuss personal responsibility. He failed to talk about local responsibility. He failed to talk about his own responsibility.

At one point he discussed how he got out of the super dome and left everyone else behind. Why? Are so so high on yourself that you think it was more valuable to those people to leave them and report their sorrow? If you truly felt they were in need why didn't you leaned a hand? You spoke of how your studio was able to get you food, why didn't you insist they bring more, and hand it out yourself? I guess it was more important just to report?

You talked about it seeming like you were in a third world country. You kinda right. Prior to Katrina everyone knew the poverty and despair in New Orleans, Yet the Democrats who ran New Orleans failed to help them. Instead these people learned that they could stick out their hands and get something for nothing. When everyone warned them to get out, and Nagin failed to provide buses they refused to leave, after all someone would come around and help them.... Just like someone has always been there to do for them.

What you saw at the dome was the shock they felt when the aid didn't come. When the people they always depend on to do for them didn't show, for whatever reason. It was shocking to them because this is America, where no one has to be responsible for themselves.... and where they can re elect the Idiots that got them there in the first place.

The reelection of Nagin has proven to me that people do not learn from prior mistakes, no matter how severe.

Last thing I want to mention. Williams mentioned that the Nation must discuss Race and Class in America. I agree. First thing we must realize is that Racism is alive in well in the hearts of many minorities That they will use race and racism as a crutch until someone finally tells them no more. On "class" we should discuss not what the government can do for the poor, but what the poor can do to become More successful.

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