Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Kuncinich on Terror

1. Pull out of Iraq.
2. talk to Iran and Syria
3. Fund first responders.
4. Talk with our allies.

anyone see the HORROR in that plan? O'reilly did a good job of pointing out that pulling out of Iraq would strengthen Iran, and that talking to Iran and Syria is useless. He also did a good job of pointing out that talking to our "allies" is also useless when our allies are France.

What he didn't comment on was #3 Fund first responders... I see this list and what stands out to me is that Kuncinich wants to talk while the terrorist attack.... Fund the first responders because boy we are going to need them!!!!

Don't fool yourself, this is a cut and run policy.... Run and hide and wait for them to come back to the United States....

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