Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Much ado about....

So Mel Gibson is an antisemite. Who really cares? He isn't bombing jews or calling for their deaths, he merely has said hateful things while drunk. Worst case he hates Jews. A more likely case is he is an alcoholic who has learned hateful things from his father.

When I look at Mel's career I do not see someone looking to "get jews", or to portray them negatively.

If the media wants to find Anti semites have them look to Nasrallah.

Mel I will watch your movies despite your drinking problem. I find your movies MOVING. "we were soldiers","The Patriot", "braveheart" all the way back to "Mad Max". Hang in there.

Media... Focus on the true enemies of Israel, namely the ones launching rockets at them. oh, my bad, you think they are freedom fighters.

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