Monday, August 14, 2006

New Arrivals

I work nights, so I was sleeping this morning, with the knowledge that my parents wuld be coming over, bringing my Son home. So the little afternoon "pull your sleeping sons toe to wake him" wasn't a big surprise. The immediate request for "movies?" from my Dad wasn't a shock either. Then Nathan enters the room. "kittens" he says.... and now we have two brand new additions to the household. Here is one of the knew Kitties in "fleeing" motion as it runs from me. The Other kitty was sleeping right here also, but he/she looked up when I got close and ran like a bat out of hell behind the TV Console. (can you tell I have a almost three year old son?) Anyway so now we have three cats.... One old cat named Blackie and these two kittens as yet to be named.

So how did I come to get these cats? I don't have all the specifics, but my parents somehow got to a shelter today.... Probably wasting time to give me time to nap (thanks Mom and Dad) At the pound/shelter/whatever they see a litter of 6 kittens... as they were leaving the attendant basically forced them on my Mom saying they were going to be put down.... So did Mom and Dad just take two and leave the other four to die in the hands of so called animal lovers? Nope. All six are now in the extended Kirby household. My brother Gahrie got two, I got two and my parents took two home. Six new additions!!!!

Yet that is not the end. Back in March I mentioned the wife was thinking of getting a cat/dog.... well she found someone who has a couple of kittens in a new litter and had just said she will take two when they get old enough.... I hope she can back out and find other takers.... I do not need to go from one cat to five!!!!

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