Thursday, August 24, 2006

New Orleans...

here we are a year later and the LAZY bastards still have their hands out.

"The lights don't work"

Get up off your ass and fix them. It is not the job of the federal government to do so.

How many people in Bernard Parish actually owned and ran a business? Probably not a lot. I assume that most of the people who lived there were on Govt assistance. They still want it now....

I havent watched any of the "katrina: one year later" news yet but I am sure they will show block after block of filth and neglect. The question I pose is who do we blame?

Do we Blame the Federal Govt?
State Govt?
City Govt?

Or is a combination of city and local residents?

I have a question for those who have been through hurricanes/tornados/earthquakes. Do you ignore the filth in your yard and wait for someone else to take charge or do you dig in and clean up or pay for the work to be done?

I thought America was about doing for yourself, abot perserving and overcoming difficult odds. When did we become a nation of whiney bastards looking for handouts and refusing hand UP'S?

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