Sunday, August 06, 2006

A true test.

Let me state from the start of this post that I think the UN is a waste of time, space and money. I know of nothing good that has come from it. Yet I will give the UN another shot on actually doing something. The organization has some work to do.

Hezbollah must be labeled a terrorist organization. Who cares that it has a political wing and people voted for them.

"if your not with us, your against us."

This is still true today. If you cannot control the people within your borders expect that someone else while step into your country to do so. The act of inaction is proof enough of your guilt, or at least proof that you are being held hostage as well.

After Hezbollah is labeled a terror group the PeaceMAKERS must move in to replace the IDF. Willing and able to Kill terrorist and confiscate their arms.

Anything less is a failure and another example that International law is a joke, the UN is a joke and that International affairs should always mean to use national power for your own selfish national interests because Might is the only thing that makes you right.

The UN is just where the powerful abdicate their power and prop up dictators and thugs.

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