Wednesday, August 09, 2006

We need a news blackout.

give me a break, I guess the enemy has latched onto the idea that the west hates to see death, and are easily swayed by the effects of war. I guess they think the idea of a funeral being bombed is a horrific idea that will make the west turn on Israel. Perhaps the French and Europe, but not the USA.

Remember the alleged bombing of the funeral on 8-8-06? now how about today 8-9-06?

[At least six missiles fired from Israel ships slammed into the south Beirut suburbs Wednesday, as residents were conducting a funeral for some of the 41 victims killed in Israeli airstrikes there three days earlier, police said.
About a mile away, some 400 people marched in a funeral procession for 30 of the 41 killed in an Israeli airstrike Monday. They carried the bodies draped in Lebanon's green, red and white flag and chanted, "Death to America! Death to Israel!" ]

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