Saturday, May 26, 2007

I am tired

Wow. Another example of how i only watch shows that suck. Jericho was canceled. Michele Malkin talks about the drive to get CBS to reconsider here. I am tired, tired, tired of the cancelations. I might stop watching serial TV in protest....

Invasion... great show, canceled. Surface... great show canceled....

Lopez is pissed because he was cxanceled and a new sitcom with cavemen is put in his place.... Hell, atleast he got 5 years!!!


mark said...

Channel your frustration ranger in the making. Jerichoans are fighting against the system. The revolution is not just about returning one show, Jericho, we fight for all the too-soon cancelled shows like Invasion, Surface, The Nine, Firefly. Join in our crusade. Send a bag of nuts at to CBS, or ABC or NBC Whomever you choose. We fight to change the antiquated Neilsen rating system that overlooks the new media. Online streaming and itunes. It is the best $5 ever spent and you will feel good that you joined in and participated in the BIGGEST fan backlash in history.

Make your voice known that you are fed up with networks cancelling good shows. We are done with crappy reality tv ruining and dumbing down our planet. Join us. We could use a good ranger. Are you up for the challenge?

go to

You don't have to be a fan of the show. Just a fed up tv viewer.

Anonymous said...

Seconding Mark's comment above. You CAN do something. Tell CBS how you feel!

Join the fight!

Eric PZ said...

Ah Nuts. Looks like the power of the people can accomplish stuff. :)

Just ame sure you watch when it comes back in next winter...damn, that's a long time to wait.

TV Networks are way too quick to pull the plug on shows these days.