Monday, December 31, 2007

Predictions for 2008

1. White Males will be blamed for some social ill before the first day of the year is complete. I will find it and post it as soon as I see it... I will wait until atleast 6am pst to start looking as I will have ton's of stuff to choice from, but I want to try and find something posted/printed/communicated after the the new year.

EDIT: Eh didn't find anything on day one, but didnt look too hard... Check this out... on the 5th this crap was published.

"Barack Obama. Hillary Rodham Clinton. Bill Richardson. The field of minority and female candidates for president has never been so strong. But the question remains: Despite the expected presence of an African- American, a woman, and a Latino, will America in 2008 elect yet another male president of northern European descent?
No one can say for certain, but we hope this streak ends soon, because it's important that America elect its leaders from the full breadth of talent available in its diverse population."

Horseshit!!! I hope we elect the best leader... be he/she whatever. Race and gender have nothing to do with it.

2. Europe will have more riots/culture clash as they reap what the sow.

3. More speed cameras and video cameras will pop up all over America as cities look to find more ways to make revenue.

4. I will continue to see shopping carts abandoned along the road from my house to the local supermarket. My house is 1.5 miles from the supermarket and uncivilized people continue to shop at the store then push the cart all the way home, then abandon it. Photos to come.

5. Global warming alarmists will lose ground as they realize that the Earth is a large closed system with mechanisms to control its weather patterns.

6. Pittsburgh will win superbowl 42. Err, make that 43.

7. The area around San Francisco (imagine a large circle from the city of Napa to Santa Cruz) will leave the union and the union doesnt care. In fact the Union asks Vermont to join them.

8. States that inact and enforce immigration laws like Arizona will see less illegal immigrants. Those who continue to be open border advocates will see more illegal immigrants.

9. Miley Cyrus won't be another Spears or Lohan... Atleast not in 2008

10. I'll be back here same time next year, guessing what will happen in 2009.

Let the Games begin!!! 2008 Here we come!!!

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