Monday, June 15, 2009

Conservatives bend over way to much.

Scandals happen all the time.  There are plenty of them on all sides for us to review...  But what happens to the idiots that caused the scandals?  The conservatives ones lost power or prestige...  While the Liberal one's gain power.

Someone steps over the line and is a conservative?  The Liberals want his head...  and they get it.  A Liberal does the same or worse...  They get what they want.  Case in point at the moment, David "If it wasn't for stoned  college kids I wouldn't have a job." Letterman.  He crosses the line with comments about the Palin family and gets increased ratings...  Strings it out, continues the "joke" for days... Then says he is sorry for a poorly worded "Joke"

So some where asking for Letterman to be fired.  They started campaigns and were gaining strength to fight CBS...  Then Letterman sorta makes his apology, and many of the movement are packing up and accepting the apology as the end of the issue.

This is just another example of how us conservatives are too fuckin nice.  We play by the "rules"  even if the opposition uses this against us.  "well, he said he was sorry. let's go home."

Robert Stacy McCain points to someone who is not giving up.

Sunday I had a phone conversation with Cynthia Yockey in which she calmly and cheerfully explained that she was going to get David Letterman fired. Republicans are too willing to take that kind of abuse, Cynthia said, but she comes out of the gay-rights movement, and they don't roll that way.

How true.  Cynthia is pointing out our current major flaw.  We have given the battlefield to the enemy time and time again.  When we have the high ground we surrender it with a mere apology.  She says no more, and I agree.  Go to her blog and read up on what we need to do.

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