Monday, June 29, 2009

You have to love him, Update below

I have been cruising the net all day, and kept surfing back to The Other McCain, What!! No new post, whats going on? Perhaps he was trying to get info on the IG scandals. So I surf around some more, finally RSM posts this gem. I am tired of how many of us on the right tap dance around the issues... R.S.McCain does not! His target today is Ken Layne. Mr. Layne blogs on a site i wont link (hell, dont get any hits here anyway, perhaps I should link him). He likes to attack Trig, who of course is Sarah Palin's son. RSM takes him to task and finishes his post with this -

So whether or not Ken Layne is actually gay, there can be no doubt that Ken Layne is a vicious cocksucker.
Yeah, I just wrote that. And put it on the Internet.
How refreshing. No tap dancing


First off, Thanks RSM for the comment, I call them like I see them. Now whats a man gotta do to get noticed?

What does a guy have to do to get a link in Memeorandum? I linked to the RSM post first, yet The next guy links him and gets a link on Memeorandum!!! WTF? below is how it currently looks.

Robert Stacy McCain / The Other McCain:
‘It takes small people to stoop this low’ — Says Professor William Jacobson regarding Wonkette's despicable treatment of Sarah Palin's year-old son, Trig. And I would amend the professor's sentiments only to improve them by saying, “It takes gay men to stoop this low.” — Yeah, I just wrote that.
Now I am not hating the links for the other guy(s), but come on!!!!!

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Robert Stacy McCain said...

Thanks, man. Sometimes I sit down to write a long one like that, get 1,200 words into it and say, "Nah. It's not working." So when I finish one like that, the praise reassures me that I wasn't just wasting my time.