Saturday, August 29, 2009


There he goes, whitewashing the unethical.  In his post Strange Hypocrisy he sees nothing wrong with the powers "that be" changing the rules whenever it suits them.

In 2004, Massachusetts changed its laws to prevent Republican Mitt Romney from appointing John Kerry’s replacement in case he became President. Now it’s 2009, the Governor of Massachusetts is a Democrat, and Ted Kennedy is dead so the state legislature is considering changing the rule back so that Deval Patrick can appoint an interim Senator to serve in Kennedy’s place.
 This is being described in some quarters as “hypocritical,” which really strikes me as silly.
Probably there should be a uniform national system for filling senate vacancies. But instead, we leave it up to state legislatures. Given that legislatures have been granted this discretion, it would be perverse of them to refuse to actually use it when doing so is crucial to advancing what their constituents want.
 I wonder who he thinks "we" are?  Oh but come on...  The people have spoken, we all know they want what the Democrats want!!!  In this case the Constitution gives each state the right to create it's own system...  So go ahead and abuse that power.  I assume he is right though, in that the people of Massachusetts wont give a rats ass about how unethical this is. They wont be turned off by their politicians as long as they keep scamming to stay in power...  Ethics are for losers!

Once it is politically expedient Yglesias will be defending the opposite position...

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