Thursday, April 14, 2016

wow... update on an update of an update ---- many many years appart

here is an update to a list it appears I started in 2005.   I will put 2016 where I comment on subject fresh in 2016


Various musings update

Here is a post from last year... Now to update it.

Things accomplished over the weekend.
1. Pulled weeds from slope.... slope sucks, must find a good groundcover to protect the slope..... did half of it.... filled green "bio" trash can so will do the rest next weekend..... lovely.
Have not done the slope yet this year, its time it is done, so I will start it tonight....still no groundcover.
^^ Slope looks like shit, need to pay garner to whack it.  click the link, this is about how it looks.

2013-  still looks like shit, still whack it from time to time, bottom part turning into lawn as gardner is mowing it.
2016 - looks the same....  bottom part has nice grass in it....  

2. Advanced another level and a half in the online game "City of Heroes".... level 34.6 right now... Also did certain tasks to give myself extra endurance..... cool game, lots of fun.... ultimately though after playing for hours you wonder where all the time went....
Play the game less, but still where does all the time go?
^^stopped playing this a long time age, found out today they are shutting it down...
2013 city of heroes still  gone, world of warcraft in full swing, play alot with son.
2016 COH still gone...  WOW and D3 playing with son still underway...

3. Steam cleaned the carpet.... in family room.... this carpet is basically on its last legs..... wife is still looking to find someone to tile our house...
No tile, wife just cleaned the family room two nights ago. Nice change, no added expense of tile, and wife does the carpet. a win-win.
^^House is tiled, except living room and three bedrooms, master bedroom is tile with different style tile.
2013 no change
2016 no change

4. Work... Went to work on Sunday, spent 5 hours catching up on work and preparing for Monday..... yea, Happy Easter to you too!!!
Changed shifts at work, but back to working just 4 days a week.
^^ Same ol shit at work,

2013 - still on 4/35. Sleep. Got some.
Just got some sleep, feeling pretty good.
^^ plan on getting some soon.
2013 - slept well last night....  went to bed just before 9pm...  woke up at 1030 am!!!  (got up a few times to go to bathroom)  needed the xtra sleep...
2016 - working a 4 day work week, 12.5 hours a day...  

Things still on the horizon.
1. Paint interior of house.... done
2. Tile house done
3. Weed slope, find ground cover. nope
4. buy car. still have the 2005 magnum, now a 2009 charger 
2016 still have both cars...  added a used Impala for Daisy's first car5. buy couch - done 2016 new couches again this year.
6. buy refrigerator. - done
7. buy sod and sod backyard. uh no. 2013 nope 2016 nope
8. Fix Brothers Fence. nope 2013 nope 2016 nope, but looks like he has hired help to do parts of it.
9. sleep. alittle 2016  sleep?

Good to see I have a lot of things I could do... Why put off until tomorrow what you can put off forever?

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