Saturday, February 05, 2005


Who Said "Man, I must be the pedagogical Superman!" ? Well, he taught me one thing..... a new word.... now I will never use it again, and perhaps if I read enough I might come across it again if I live long enough...... Ok ok, you'd never know he said it..... it was the wonderful Churchill...... in a article about his situation as reported here . Read more about it here.

Just saw a report on Fox with two of his students..... They were defending him.... Talking about his freedom of speech rights and how the board of regents were unjustified in looking into his published books, writings and teachings to figure out if he should be let go.

Looks like everyone wants to defend him and fight for his job and rights.... I wonder why..... Could it be that they fear that MANY many others would then have to consider how they teach? That their attempts (and I would say sucessful) to indoctrinate rather than teach could result in them losing their jobs?

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