Friday, April 14, 2006

waah!, it's not fair!

Some counties are starting to take action against illegals. Read this article to see some of the efforts. What I find amusing is the fact that we allow illegals bail. They should not be allowed bail!!! They should be held and deported!!!! In this article advocates for the illegals complain that the bail amount set for them is always too high. Yea, I guess your right. since you know they wont appear you know that the bail money is basically a fine.

The one case where the father of five wouldnt give his home address and couldnt make the higher bail is a perfect example of what the pro illegal wing want to portray... He was just protecting his family... He is a hard working roofer... wait a minute, a roofer? Is this a job Americans wont do? anyway, he chose to refuse to give he correct address, he was trespassing on school property and refused to leave..... he arrived in the country illegally..... sheesh, how many other laws did he break?

They cite unequal treatment, I agree. Find them all, hold them without bail and deport them - equally.

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