Thursday, August 17, 2006

Life 8-17-06

Since I didn't mention it before here (the one concerned person emailed me thanks Mary!) My wife is fine. Both sets of tests came back and she is taking medication to fix those issues and wont be leaving this mortal plane anytime soon.

I told the wife she would have to get with the neighbors and their contractor to get a quote and get back with me. She seems to be running from that. We shall see how long it takes her to get this done. Sreange thing about Yecenia is that she is worried about the cost of the wall. Strange because she is a woman. Most women want the best regardless of the cost. She is trying to find ways of spending less by having less of a wall, etc etc. I told her that we have to think of two things. First is resell. Do we build something that is weird and unattractive to buyers just to save a buck now? Then do we build a half brick have metal wall on the slope on both the side and back. My major hangup on that is that it takes away from our privacy. Alas we shall see. Anyone have spare change? You can send it here!!! Really. I will send you a picture of your wall!

Back to work tonight. Still waiting fir my nbew schedule.

Here is the fun idea of the week. Wife tells me about wall. I tell wife of cost. She then mentions how we wont be taking a trip at the beginning of next month because of the expense so instead we can paint our living room. Woohoo. That sure sounds like fun to me. Sorry Zion, Not this year unless I convince the wife we can afford to do both and paint the livingroom.

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Mary said...

Glad to hear it Thom!

I sent that email to your work so it'll be waiting for you! :)