Tuesday, August 08, 2006


Wow -

Is it a surprise to anyone that the UN deal for peace is falling apart? Someone cancel the lease on the UN building to the UN. It is useless. I have heard that they only thing they do wiell is provide aid to people in need. I disagree.... Other organizations do it better.

Israel withdraw first?

Lebanon troops (50% of which are hexbollah) move into southern Lebanon? With only the curent UN losers in place to help them?

Let me guess they will also want prisoners in Israel released at the same time the two hostages are released.

Israel tell the UN to go fuck themselves and further invade Lebnanon.

United States, Veto any resolution.

All week I have heard how Hezbollah has a right to defend Lebanon from Israel.... I have heard this from Lebanon leaders. If this is the case that pony up and call it a war israel vr Lebanon.. Stop playing it both ways.

If a larger rocket hits Tel Aviv Hit Damascus.

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