Wednesday, August 09, 2006

A tale of two photos and their captions.

Reuters - Tue Aug 8, 1:58 PM ET
A Lebanese Red Cross worker (bottom) signals to colleagues that he found three bodies under the rubble after an Israeli air strike on Ghaziyeh village, south Lebanon, August 8, 2006. (Ali Hashisho/Reuters) (top photo)

AP - Tue Aug 8, 3:12 PM ET
A Lebanese Red Cross rescuer flashes three fingers, the number of injured civilians he found under the rubble of a building that collapsed in the southern town of Ghaziyeh, near the port city of Sidon, Lebanon, Tuesday, Aug. 8, 2006, following Israeli airstrikes. Israeli airstrikes hit near a funeral procession in south Lebanon on Tuesday, sending some of the 1,500 mourners running in panic and killing at least 13 people in nearby buildings, witnesses, hospital officials and the town's mayor said. (AP Photo/Mohammed Zaatari) (bottom photo)

Looks like AP hasn't changed its mind on what happened yet.

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