Monday, August 14, 2006

They will keep sucking....

Two articles on Drudge remind me again about the problems we have with creating a welfare "gimmie" society. First one is about the FEMA trailers.

"Prompted by a WAFB 9 NEWS INVESTIGATION, FEMA said Monday it will replace locks on as many as 118,000 trailers used by victims of hurricanes who are living in trailers provided by the government agency.FEMA says some keys could open as many as 50 different locks. At two FEMA trailer parks in Baton Rouge, our investigation revealed residents who were able to open not only their trailers, but also trailers of other individuals parked only a few spaces away."

But here is the kicker...

"A security guard at a large FEMA trailer park in Louisiana says FEMA has known about the problem for "several weeks" and chose to do nothing about it. "We've been pulling people out of other people's trailers left and right," the guard, who spoke on condition of anonymity, told WAFB 9 NEWS."

First off, how long are we going to let people live in these "FEMA trailer parks"? Forever? Secondly what happens to the people you find in other peoples trailers? Do you kick them out of their trailer? Do you put them in jail, or do you just let them go back to their trailers?

Close the park and guess what? They will all find somewhere to go. They will stay until you do that.

Next article.... Houston gets rewarded for helping out the Katrina Victims.... No good deed goes unpunished.

"Katrina evacuees received fair warning when they arrived in Houston. Days after the storm, Mayor Bill White went on television, flanked by Houston police, and welcomed Katrina's bedraggled survivors with a stern warning that a jail cell was waiting for anyone who crossed the line.
Evacuee Vincent Wilson, a leader of the Katrina Survivors Association, was impressed. He said that in New Orleans before Katrina, "everyone knows that if the jail's crowded you get a slap on the hand and get released."
Eckels predicted the county's worst guests will go home once their federal assistance dries up. And if many choose to stick around, the county will be ready: "We don't put up with it here. If you break the law, you're going to be prosecuted."

I say cut off the assistance.

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