Sunday, September 17, 2006


Western Journalists talk about covering the they have to get to know "unsavory" people to get both sides of a story. So let me get this straight, we should have had journalists hanging out with Hitler and taking notes and pictures, but not work to prevent anything he did? I could just see it. On the home front our reporters would be writing "the Invasion will be in Normandy!!!" prior to the invasion, while they would report "we were there with the Germans as they counterstuck in the Ardennes!!!" after the Battle of the bulge began.

It is sad how we have created such a free society that so many are blind to reality. Check out this piece on a AP "photographer" held by coalition forces in Iraq.

[Hussein, 35, is a native of Fallujah who began work for the AP in September 2004. He photographed events in Fallujah and Ramadi until he was detained on April 12 of this year.]

[The military said Hussein was captured with two insurgents, including Hamid Hamad Motib, an alleged leader of al-Qaida in Iraq. "He has close relationships with persons known to be responsible for kidnappings, smuggling, improvised explosive device (IED) attacks and other attacks on coalition forces," according to a May 7 e-mail from U.S. Army Maj. Gen. Jack Gardner, who oversees all coalition detainees in Iraq.]

[That Hussein was captured at the same time as insurgents doesn't make him one of them, said Kathleen Carroll, AP's executive editor.
"Journalists have always had relationships with people that others might find unsavory," she said. "We're not in this to choose sides, we're to report what's going on from all sides."]

["We want people who are not part of a story. Sometimes it is a judgment call. If someone seems to be thuggish, or like a fighter, you certainly wouldn't hire them," Daniszewski said. After they are hired, their work is checked carefully for signs of bias. ]

["How can you know what a conflict is like if you're only with one side of the combatants?" she(Carroll) said. "Journalism doesn't work if we don't report and
photograph all sides."]

Perhaps one day Caroll will be able to sit calmly and report the bombing of her hometown by these thugs.

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