Monday, September 04, 2006


Well it is now Sept. 5th (very early, just about 0003 hrs.) Just booked a room at cliffrose lodge and gardens... Its at the main entrance to Zion. The kids should enjoy it, not sure about the wife.

Temperatures seem to be about 10 degree's cooler than here, so its still going to be hot. Just one day, about 150 bucks. I Couldn't afford to go any cheaper or wait untl we got there because I have to do some work for my Company and I must have internet access. (wireless at that).

Yecenia worked today and made triple time.

I took the kids up to my parents, then took them all out to eat. Took an extra Half hour to get home, Labor day traffic.

Kittens are getting bigger, they are playing at my feet at the moment.

Kitchen is still clean after I cleaned it.... Walls, cubbards, counters, dishes, floor. ceiling fan....

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