Friday, September 15, 2006

Netflix and a Living Wage

Came accross this lib site. Gotta love how they always expect a communistic approach to life. Perhaps just socalist, but I expect once they got there they would want to go the next step.

[Most of us pay $17.99 a month to get our movies this way and Netflix has 5 million subscribers. Do the math… that’s over $89 million a month. I gather that postage is the primary expense for Netflix in this process since I learned that “Netflix is one of the ten largest users of first-class mail in America.” With all this money generated every month, you think these women deserve more than $9 per hour. That’s $360 a week / $1440 a month / making the grand total for the year is $17,280. Could you live on that??]

Those "women" (no men?) deserve the amount of income they can get on the free market. If Netfix cannot get enough workers to do the task for $9/hour they would raise their wages until they did get enough people to do the job. Hell read further in the article....

[first, that work should be rewarded, and second, that no one who works full time should have to live in poverty.]

What? Explain how everyone gets to live "out of poverty" who works full time. How much money does a surgen make say compared to a Fast food counter person? How much should unskilled labor cost? What happens to the price of everything in the surrounding areas of this living wage? Then when everything costs more do you raise the wages again? Insanity.

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