Monday, September 11, 2006

Nicholas P. Chiofalo

Where were you on Sept 11th 2001? I remember clearly where I was as it all happened. I was/am out on the west coast, so it was early morning. When the Second Plane hit the towers my Parents called and forced my wife to hand me the phone. My wife had seen the plane hit but was letting me sleep because it "wasn't in our backyard". I guess she just didn't fully realize what was happening. As I flipped channels back and forth a horrible feeling came over me. I knew we were at war, and I knew it was Islamists, I just didn't know who. I kept telling my wife how thousands were potentially dying.

While I did this others acted. As Air traffic controllers got confused, as military commanders struggled to get a grip Nicholas P. Chiofalo got on board engine 235 and went to the Towers. They all knew the danger. Nick had called and told his wife he was going to the towers. She knew he wasn't coming back. All Members of that engine crew perished, except for the driver.

I did not know Nick, but I honor him for his service to this country. I cannot write anything more touching then what his family has already said. I ask that anyone reading this take the time to read what Nick's Brother in law said at his memorial on Nov. 3, 2001.

Nicholas P. Chiofalo touched many lives, he died while saving others. It the face of disaster he stood tall and walked into Danger to pull others out. Let us not forget the 2996 who fell on Sept 11th, 2001.

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brian said...

Thank you for a tearful tribute post. To know that your husband is going in to danger and won't be coming back... I don't know where that courage comes from. Thanks for sharing the man with the world.

Please stop by my tribute post to Gilbert so that others can come here and read.

Thank you.