Wednesday, September 13, 2006


Well Patch and Sherbert are getting older. It was really strange and special for my 7 year old daughter to look at Patch(es) and decide without any prodding or hints to call him Patches. When I was her age my parents had a tabby named Patches. So it was strange and nice for her to pick a name that was already a family name. Then we took a look and saw that Patches was a "he" so I am shorting his name to "patch" to give him a more masculine name....
Sherbert, well, she is an orange Tabby.... The name fits.
Welcome COC people!!! My blog is changing, hopefully for the better, notice bloggers labels to the left, where you can quickly go to my other posts on my Kittens and Cats!!! Please come back and visit often. I am currently getting spanked by my Brother on website hits. We both are minnows in a giant ocean, but he is still whipping my ass good!!!....

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