Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Damn Damn damn damn DAMN!!!

I could have sued a dining facility out her in San Bernardino a few years back. My Wife and I were seated at a table and we sat there a good half hour and never got served..... I belive they didnt serve us because she is Hispanic and I am white. We could have made millions!!!!!!!

Chris Rock's mom and sister apparently are a lot smarter than me. When they complained the manager offered them a free meal.... Nope, not enough for the Rock family. I wonder if they didn't get served because of a shift change mistake. Or just clueless waitresses? How about a new waitress that didn't understand her job? Nope.... they weren't served because they weere black.

I already now why we werent served at the place in San Berdo. It was a new crew and they were clueless. So we showed our displease by taking our business elsewhere....

How STUPID of us, we could be rolling in millions by now!!!

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