Thursday, October 19, 2006

Happy freakin biirthday to me.

no one wishes me a happy birthday in the comments on this post, No one buys me anything, no one donates money.....

Nobody loves me.

Fine, I am taking my ball and going home.

Damn, I am forty now.


Thanks Brother Gahrie, Mike and Alicia for wishing me a happy birthday. Bro, I am sure you bought the PC game, thanks... I am sure you will enjoy it soon, as I wanted someone to buy it for me so I could give it to you.

Young one complete set, Fantastic, now I can really watch something Stooopid.....

And it looks like someone bought my cats a remote control toy... Thanks, should be fun.


Mike Smith said...

Happy Frickun b-day Found my way over here just in time it looks like...Money is in the mail, just wait by the mailbox for

Gahrie said...

Happy Birthday.

I bought you some things off of your wishlist.