Tuesday, October 17, 2006


My Daughter and I now watch Heroes every Monday. My Brother Gahrie is also hooked. So what we know right now.

1. Cheerleader has self healing powers, but she can be incapacitated by something that remains lodged in her. I wonder if this includes bullets or if she would expel those through her auto healing.

2. Guy running for office can fly.

3. Brother of guy running for office is able to mimic the powers of others he encounters. Will this be able to "layer" say for example two other heroes are close to him can he do the powers of both of them? What is his limit? Can the powers become more permanent the longer he is in contact with them? Being that he is always around his brother I doubt it, unless this is a recent "adaptation".

4"Hiro" Teleporter/time traveler.... We know he learns English and travels through time. What becomes of his sidekick?

5. Dual ident chick.... Looks like she just blacks out and becomes "hostile" so far least impressive. Her son is interesting though.

6. Addict.... Paints the future.... important for the plot.

Badguys. White and black guys.... need to see more.

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