Saturday, February 03, 2007

Shogun Wars.

Shogun Wars is a very addictive game.... It is currently in its second age.... which might go on until the 1st of July. No one knows for sure as the designers are still improving gameplay and might reset early.

If your up for a challenge click here and join as one of my officers I will teach you how to play.

It is what has kept me from blogging as I have been to busy staring at the screen pondering my next move, and often wanting to break from my schedule so I can attack someone befre I should.

You would think that the way the game is set up I would have a lot of time on my hands.... but it doesnt work out that way.....

So if you wander through here and wonder why I haven't posted much is because I am playing the 24/7 game caled Shogun Wars.


StoliBro said...

Ad-dic-tive is not the word for it. Life consuming is more appropriate

Colby said...

All must join Gurthshin or fall forever.