Sunday, October 28, 2007

Giants 13, Dolphins 10

What a bunch of wimps.

--Eli Manning threw for only 59 yards but ran for New York's lone touchdown to lift the Giants to their sixth straight victory, a mud-caked slog through the unfriendly pitch at torn-up Wembley Stadium in this, the first regular-season NFL game played outside North America.

"The field was like ice," Feely said -- and the Giants kneeled on it three times to seal the game, ignoring the loud boos from a crowd of 81,176 that wanted more. --

no shit. Ask any of us who played football over in the UK, we all could have told you that!!!

I watched as they fretted over cleats... and how the mud had to be cleaned from them constantly... Yep... Thats England...

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