Monday, December 31, 2007

TV I watch roundup.

Atlantis. Eh, hasn't been too much fun, dunno, but I wish they'd complete the current storyline and basically start over.

Bionic Woman. Another "eh". Stopped watching around the fourth or fifth episode... so am I current or have I fallen behind... not impressed yet.

Eureka. Haven't watched the second season yet... guess that makes this the third "eh" in a row.

Heroes. Much like my brother Gary I did not like the second season of shows as much as the first, but I am still hooked and have not missed a show.

Jericho. Sheesh, they might have well canceled it... It has been how long since the end of the season? We shall see when it restarts.

Journeyman. Tied with Life I think these two are my most favorite shows. I really enjoy them both and I hope they both make it through to a second season.

Life. Nice plot twists and ideas.

Lost. Sheesh, did they loose the footage they shot? Another show MIA!!!

moonlight. When i first saw this title I though, ok where is Bruce willis and Cybil Sheppard... I actually started watching this on the CBS website. My daughter Daisy loves it and makes sure she watches it every week, even the repeats!

NCIS. Still enjoying it, but some of the relationship routines are getting stale. Gibb's storyline is often very heartbreaking... In case you forgot...His daughters time capsule.

Numb3rs. Still enjoying it but I am a little tired of his mentors storyline...

Shark. James woods and Jeri Ryan, Two good reasons to keep coming back.

Smalleville. Getting stale...

The Unit. Still good, still got me coming back for more.

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