Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Shopping Carts.

How Many of you could right now either walk down your street, or take a short drive and find abandoned shopping carts? Did the owner of the shopping cart all of a sudden no longer want it and just left it there? Or did some thoughtless wonder TAKE it from the store which owns it and then failed to bring it back?

Now before you say anything about the poor carless person or the poor person in general, how does being poor impact wether you take the shopping cart BACK to the store you took it from?

Check this out. The business that has the cart stolen from them has to pay a $50 fee to get it back in this town... and can be fined if it doesnt take steps to prevent people from taking the carts... I didn't see anywhere where the person stealing the cart gets fined.

Ah, the problem in California.

anyways... Today, I start my pet peeves labels... Samantha has her pet peeves, now I will have mine... I often go on about mine... yet I never really labeled my rants...

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