Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Obama's inauguration

Both my Children sat through their entire school day watching the inauguration.  This Blogpost is amusing to me.  In it he is attacking a school system for asking for permisson for their children to watch the inauguration...  He believes that had McCain won that school system would have required class attendance.  First, did that sytem even show the last inauguration?  How about the one 8 years ago?  Now if a case can be made for showing Obama's inauguration to every school kid, surely it could have been made for McCain's, afterall it would have meant the first woman VP.  I seriously doubt that my local school system would have carried it then.

Why did my son's Kindergarten class sit the entire day watching this?  What did they learn?  Sure he knows Barrack Obama's name...  but everything else was lost on him. 

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