Tuesday, February 24, 2009

I am sooooo bad!!

I saw this snippet of a story and it got me thinking...  what would the envirwackos say....

There is so much snow in Oslo, where I live, that the city authorities are resorting to dumping truckloads of it in the sea because the usual storage sites on land are full.

Come on...  Think of what they will say???  My first though was actually not what was said in the article...  But I know if i investigate deeper I will find the nitwits who will say it.

My first though was that they would complain that the tossing of snow into the ocean would alter the sat content of the ocean in the region and risk killin off certain marine life....  Instead it is mentioned in the article that the snow was "dirty"

I know, create a whole new job classification....  and send them out to gather only clean snow to dump....  then have another guy paid to watch them to ensure it is in fact clean snow...  no yellow snow, no black snow, just clean white snow....   hmmm, sounds a little bigoted to me.!!!

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