Sunday, March 22, 2009

Healthcare... are we doomed?

It is a scary time for those of us who fear socialism.  The opposition is in charge, and has the numbers to push their agenda.  We must speak up, we must make ourselves heard on the issues we hold sacred.

The Obama administration appears determined to bring universal healthcare to the United States...  despite the many examples of the failure of such systems around the world.

Just this week British PM Gordon Brown apoligised over the standard of care at Stafford general hospital.

A healthcare commission reported that;

between 400 and 1,200 more people died than was expected because of lapses in standards and poor procedures for emergency care.

Keep in mind that this is 400 to 1200 MORE people than was expected.  The British system has a way of letting a lot of people die...  They determine the cost to keep someone alive is too high and they let them die...  So this report is over and above that disgusting number!!!  This report says that up to 1200 people died that they meant to save after setting a price tag on life.

Now the left would argue what is needed is more money spent on the healthcare system...  Yet many of them still know they can never find enough money to fund a universal healthcare system that wouldnt still have to let people die because their care was too expensive.

The left always cries that we do not have universal healthcare in the United States...  But I believe our current system is better than those sytems they support.

Most uninsured American's don't have healthcare because they chose not to have healthcare!!!  Then those who chose to not have healthcare, and those who cant get it...  have a far superior emergency room network they can go to.

Some say Canada's healthcare system led to Natasha Richardson's death.  I tend to think it was more of her not seeking immediate care...  Yet isnt montreal like the second largest urban area in Canada? 

To all of those who love universal healthcare...  What do you say to the old?  Then ask yourself, which age is determined to be "old".

Ed Morrissey had a great post on this back in 2008


From Don Surber's daily scoreboard...

9. A judge in Britain sentenced a 9-month-old boy to death because the lad is too sick and too expensive for the National Health Service, the London Daily Mail reported.

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