Monday, March 23, 2009

blog hit's for blog hits.....

The Other McCain points out that "hits is hits, beyotches" when posting today about site traffic. I agree and I am jumping whole heartly into the blog whoring business....

He also posts about Rachel Lucas post about her trouble with BT. I lived in the UK in the 60's (infant), 70's (3rd to 6th grade) and 80's (8th to 12th grade, plus a little college). What Rachel points out all of us Air Force brats already knew.

I will add Rachel to my blogs I read, and I hope to find her discoverying all the many joys of a socialist, dying society.

I wonder, has she discovered the joy of having to pay for packs of ketchup at a Mcdonalds, or even a fish and chips? My wife was a little surprised when she asked for a couple of packets while at a fish and chips shop in Needham Market. Lucky enough for me the counterperson also will use the industrial sized dispenser to serve you for free.... But its behind the counter and inferred you only get so much... Compared to us in the United States where if your frugal minded enough you would never have to buy condiments for your house... Just go to fast food places and help yourself!!!

Now back to blog whoring.... I think it is time to mention Martina Hingis, Julia Roberts, Jillian Michaels because they are top searches yahoo... Hmmm, I'd rather link Jillian Barberie. I wonder if I add words like Nude, naked, sex, bare breasts, Xrated, and XXX I will get any hits?

I have been linked!!!!!  Woot!!!

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