Monday, March 23, 2009

A Man and his castle...

You would think that the primary breadwinner, and the person most likely to go postal in a household, would being able to set the DVR to record shows he wants to watch and feel safe enough to trust them to be there when he looked for them.

Silly me.

I have two, count them, two DVR's.  One in the family room, and one in the master bedroom.  Yet If I try to record a show I often find that the recording was canceled...  Sorry dad, but I want to watch another show while I record another show I want to watch...  so I canceled yours...  Wife does the same thing.

So now I don't watch much TV...  instead I watch the shows through the net...  on either the network channels or something like or

So if your a big TV exec...  put your full episodes on the net...  I will watch them...  and the way they are set up on the net you can upsale the commercials as I must watch them to move on in the episode!!!

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