Saturday, March 28, 2009

Babes and Bulbs

The Other McCain commands me, so I must obey.

I will be going to florida this monday.... For a week, without the wife... No, get these visions out of your head. I will be there with My 10 year old Daughter and 5 year old son, while the wife parties at home.
The three us will be doing the key's and the Glades... Fun in the sun.
Meanwhile I see that Michelle Malkin has entered into the "Earth Hour" fray. She mentions that CEI is leading a counter movement.... with Human achievement hour. I shall endeavor to support them!!!! Wife and I alone with ourselves and a Movie I will like? hmmmm.
Woot, Linked in the Sunday roundup on The Other McCain blog and I Start getting hits!!! Welcome!!! stay awhile and talk to me!!!

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