Saturday, March 28, 2009

Bulbs, Lights out

Light bulbs.... My wife is always one to take a deal and run with it... somewhere in her daily life someone was pushing compact fluorescent bulbs and GAVE her a bunch. Fine... As shown in that link the wackos are finding their new bulbs to be whack!! Yet, if it is free to me all I am for it!!! She mentioned we should switch out the old for the new because they would save energy. I explained while that was true the old bulbs were brighter and I already paid for them... Even though it is true that we would save some money in the switch, what are we supposed to do with the still useable old bulbs??? So we have them as replacement bulbs.... Don't worry wackos we do not have many bulbs in our house as it is...

Here is my biggest problem... They want us to recycle them when we dispose of them... I say go back to the fucking drawing board and come up with something that doesnt need to be recycled unless that just means you put it in the blue trash can instead of the black trash can. The environitwits might have the time to sort their trash and hoard broken shit to be taken to a "green day pickup day" but i do not.... and do they really think that the majority of Americans will sort and keep their broken CFL's? Hell I have broken several of these bastards myself already... I know there is mecury in them so I was careful on the cleanup.... but how many Americans will be doing the same? They are forcing a dangerous item into the American household!!!

All Americans know, a bulb breaks... you sweep it up and put it in the trash!!! Not if its a CFL!!!! Get out the haz mat suit and clear the room!!!!! Then clean it up and put all the materials, as well as the cleaning materials into a sealed container!!!! Yea, that is going to happen!!!

BAN THE CFL... go back to the drawing board come up with something that will work!!!


Oh yea, on topic today is the day we are going to have earth hour. oh goodie.... I wonder how many CFL's are going to be broken as they go to switch them off!!!!

According to the article i linked above we should...

Make it fun by having dinner by candlelight, taking a stroll under the stars, or playing card games by a fire

Candles? you want us to burn candles? What about this or this or this?

Playing cards by a fire? You want us to burn a fire to symboloze love for earth? I thought the burning of items was what we were trying to stop!!!!!!

Methinks the nitwits need to circle the wagons and try again.

Now for the record the lights will be off in my house... not because someone told us to, but because we only have them on when we need them... Because we like to save Money.

John J. Miller over at the Corner has similiar reasoning.

Roger Ailes is a moron who thinks.... if it doesnt happen in his life it doesnt exist.

If someone bitches about it on the internet, it must be true.

I've been using CF bulbs for years. I've never had one fail to work or burn out prematurely. In fact, I've bought them on sale (4 for a dollar) and the problem I have is that I've got a bunch of them sitting on a shelf because the current ones haven't burnt out. Based on my experience, therefore, CF bulbs are infallible.

You just happen to be perfect while I suck... So in my suckness when i break a standard bulb I just sweep it up.... When i break a CFL I need to evacuate the area!!!! Being that there are more idiots like me, and not perfect like you... Shouldnt we reconsider the CFL's?

Ah then there is this Freddie doesn't like the article at all!!! He would rather wait for studies that will be slanted to prove that CFL's are great... and they only fail because of the consumer... Notice his comment...

You see, most people are stupid, and don’t have any clue how to evaluate data.

I agree on that Freddie, and that is why CFL's should be banned. Stupid wins out. Stupid will break the CFL's and then let their kids inhale nice quantities of Mercury....

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