Tuesday, May 12, 2009

....Are the Children out of the room?



To all the fucking idiots in the TV/Movie industry.  FUCK YOU!

I love fancast.com and Hulu.com, along with many of the Network sites...  WB, CBS, NBC, and FOX online see my IP address all the time.

I am watching shows I would never have seen if it wasn't for these sites due to my work schedule.  Some would say...  Get a DVR, use it.  Well Fuckface I have TWO DVR's.  Ignore the fact that my wife and daughter Bogart the DVR time...  A DVR cant introduce you to a show you haven't heard of yet.  These site can.

I watched The mentalist when it first came out...  Why?  Because it was on CBS.com, but they pulled the show off the site and now just show highlights.  Well, fuck em.  I no longer watch that show.  Same for Eleventh hour.

Now comes this article

In theory, at least, the availability of such shows on Hulu threatens two of the key financial underpinnings of cable TV: DVD sales and carriage fees. Comcast and its brethren pay the cable networks to carry their programming, and the idea that Internet users can watch the same shows online for free is not popular in places like, well, Philadelphia — or at least that corner of it where Comcast is headquartered. Stock analysts aren’t exactly thrilled with the concept, either.
Shortly after removing the Sunny episodes, Hulu took another unpopular step: It shut off access to its programming from Boxee, the fledgling service that enables you to stream online video to your TV set. In a blog posted titled “Doing Hard Things,” Hulu CEO Jason Kilar apologized to users. “Our content providers requested that we turn off access to our content via the Boxee product,” he wrote, “and we are respecting their wishes.”

Hey content providers!!!  Coming after me next?  I have a 32 inch HD LCD TV/monitor...    Time for you to figure out how to piss me off more!!!!

Assholes!  Think for a fucking moment.  Right now if I watch a show on any of these sites I have to watch a commer or two when the normal TV breaks happen in the shows.  Each time I watch that commercial your advertiser knows that at least one person at my IP watched it.  I didn't fast forward it like i could if I was watching using a DVR.  I didn't get up go to the other room and come back when the commercial was over...  I watched the short clip and then continued with my Show.

I can even live with the ABC video player.. (Bastards)  They run commercials just like everyone else...  But they also make you hit continue when the commercial is over to get back to the show.... (note to self, look to get some kinda remote!!!)

The net and the mainstream TV can co-exist and both be revenue generators.  With the net system being very accurate in counting viewing "places".  Advertisers can be charged based on the internet traffic watching....  Hell, tell it it will be 5 cents a viewer!!!!

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