Tuesday, May 12, 2009


So we are going to pay for universal healthcare with new taxes on Soda .  I like what was said in the comments...

So this new tax would only be on the people that use sugar and make over $250,000 per year right, cause I definately remeber Obama saying over and over that no one that made less the $250K a year would pay more taxes...
Ah, but now, just like Clinton

They will start to stutter and stammer and talk about how this isn't a new tax, that it is a fee...  When they lose that battle they will say, "Hey, we were talking about no new payroll taxes, we NEVER said we wouldn't tax you other ways until you bleed!"

Then most Americans will accept the new tax because in their heart of hearts they new when we elected Obama we were going to get fleeced.

Notice the Idiot?  Then for all of the Universal Healthcare nuts out there...  Did ya hear what she said?

If you Opt out of Medicare and Medicaid and promise to pay your own way......  Oh but idiots like you want there to be only one provider...  who will then set standards and limits on care....

The guy hits it on the head here...  Bad policy, bad way to fund your government...  Tax something and you will sell less of it...  Then you will look for the next thing to tax!!

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