Monday, June 29, 2009

Hurricane names for 2009

I think the World Meteorological Organization was looking at The Other McCain's Blog on rule 5 Sunday when coming up with the names for the Hurricanes of 2009. Look at the list -

Ana - Ivanovic?
Bill - ?
Claudette  Ortiz?
Danny - ?
Erika -  Eleniak?
Fred - ?
Grace - Park?
Henri - ?
Ida -  Corr?
Joaquin - Hey he is in the news and nuts, lets name a potential storm after him!
Kate - Beckinsale?
Larry -?
Mindy - Vega?  
Nicholas ?
Odette - Yustman?
Peter ?
Rose - McGowan?
Teresa Lourenco?
Victor ?
Wanda Nara?

I dunno, perhaps it is mere coincidence. There might be a need to look back at last years names... There may be a story here...

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