Thursday, August 11, 2011


I recently posted a facebook post ...  here it is;

i am so sick of Obamas class warfare approach to politics. OBAMA, I want the federal government to be smaller!!!! Dont tell me how the rich people can pay more,.... You live with the revenue you have!!!! move out of the way of these rich people and they will create jobs outside of government!!!!!

I had several likes, and then a few people willing to put forward a different view...  keep in mind I do not have alot of friends on facebook, so the sample will always be small.  Yet some of the points were interesting, here in an example - 

"Thanks for stoking the class warfare to even higher heights, Gary (um, I am not Gary, thats my brother). Please provide any actual statistics on how rich people create jobs, and government doesn't. It is just more voodoo economics from the right, since we all should know by now that cutting taxes leads to diminished opportunities and increased debt. And Lisa, your descendents were once "illegals" as you like to call real people. My head hurts thinking about the ignorance both you and Gary(please call me Thom or Kirbside) pulsate out to the general public."

I left off the wacko's name because I believing in protecting the silly.  Can you see the bleeding heart liberalism just oozing from his every pore?

Cutting taxes leads to diminished opportunities?  To increased debt?  How about the debt is only increased when you decide to spend more than you make? (tax)  The situation right now is a perfect example of why big government is such a danger to our society.  Every private sector company has taken steps to lower its costs in the last few years...  many have laid off people and either tooled back, or cancelled many programs, production lines, etc in this economic downturn.  Yet Government is growing and wants to continue to grow. Its tax revenues have dropped drastically...  Because of tax cuts, or because there is less production?  The answer of course is because there is less taxable things happening...  That is why they are looking to tax sugary foods and sodas...  Looking to increase and add fee's  to everything.  Government should have shrunk like the private sector did when the economy tanked...  that is how you live within your means!

He then mentions illegals and you can infer that he is an open borders nutjob...  "our people were once illegal to"  Friedman makes the case for why immigration now is different then when our ancestors came....

sadly illegals have found a work around on welfare...  have babies and they get the benefits of our welfare society through them....

anyway, back to my facebook post...  Obama is a class warfare expert and finger pointer...  Tax the rich, and it wasnt his fault, Bush did it....  and now the Tea party did it...  Shame on us for electing such a empty suit.

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