Thursday, October 20, 2011

Ramblings of an old man.

Today I turned 45.  Nothing special happened, and that is alright.  I am very lucky to have my beautiful wife and family. Today though, I want to talk about fairness.  I am a political animal, and often I am labeled a hateful person.  Many on the political left make me, and people who think like me to be greedy, selfish individuals.  While it pains me to hear or see them call me that in print or in person I must learn to brush off such talk, as I know it is nonsense.  Early in life my mother told me I was a Libra, and therefore I had certain traits...  The sign of Libra is the scales - and that Libra's are big on fairness.  I do not know about the value of astrology - Am I all about fairness because I am a :Libra, or did I tell myself to be about fairness because someone wrote it was a trait of mine?  A first glance many on the left would laugh about what I just said, as I am opposed to welfare and other governmental handouts, "where is the fairness in that"!!  In reality, I am all about personal responsibility and fairness - on the individual level.

A case in point that drives me nuts.  Have you ever noticed the amount of shopping carts littering our streets?  We all know how they got there, someone took the shopping cart out of the shopping center and most of the time took their groceries home, then pushed the cart back out into a "common" area.  Who picks them up and returns them to the grocery store?  I asked my local store, and the manager there pays $3 a cart when someone brings them back, and says there is a man she deals with who brings them back by the truckload sometimes several times in a day.  While this man makes a good living driving all over town picking up shopping carts where is the fairness, the justice in this situation?  How is it fair that the store has to pay for the return of their own property, that was stolen from them?  Some cities will pick up these carts and return them free of charge to the stores, but then the city taxpayers have to foot the bill.  I have seen where cities spent over $80,000 a year to have this done.  Some cities do a combination of the two, having the stores pay some part for the return of their carts.  I am sure all these costs get passed on to the consumers...

The real villains in this story are easy to spot, but society often turns a blind eye to it because they are poor.  We as a society need to hold all of us to account for our actions.  If a policeman sees a person leaving a shopping parking lot with a cart he should stop them.  Warnings, citations, tickets should be issued.  I suggest that the onus be put on the person taking the cart.  If they are honorable they can talk to a store manager and get permission to take the cart home, as long as they bring it back, or even if they are willing to pay $3 to not have to bring it back.  Then if the person is stopped by police he can show his "permission slip" for taking the cart home on that day.  I know the chances of this happening are slim to none, but I hope this shows you how I look at things.  I do not blame the poor for taking the carts, but I do blame them for not returning them.  Why is  it someone elses job to return the cart?

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