Thursday, March 26, 2009


Found this while reading Memeorandum, as suggested by The Other McCain here. You would think that with today's GPS technology nations would move to create a more "fixed" border... Instead of a border based on transitory objects.

Eh, sure the glaciers have been around a long time... But you base your borders on Ice? Dunno, just seemed odd to me... Glaciers advance and recede...

Even more amusing.....

Whatever your opinion about how we humans are best suited to deal with the impacts of climate change and our role in generating that phenomenon, when countries have to start redrawing their borders as a result of those impacts it’s hard to argue that there isn’t any phenomenon to argue over.

lol... Or this guy

I know people on the right who are aware that climate change is real and problematic, but who somehow don’t really feel that engaging with the denialists on their side and trying to educate people is an important thing to do. It seems
like an odd point of view to me.

I guess we all need to save our ice from our soft drinks and shipp it to the Swiss so they can fight back the loss of the glaciers.... Because you know they (being the glaciers) have never receded before.... Man is destroying the natual order!!!!

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