Saturday, March 28, 2009

My life...

Let me set the scene... Yesterday I awoke around 1pm after having a short nap ( I work the night shift) to hear a movie start in the living room... My children are gone so my wife has rented a video just for us (just for her!) So I stumble out half awake and sit down on the couch to see what the movie is about. I do not ask what the movie is, because I know that will just lead to a verbal dance...

"what movie did you get?"


"I do not know, come on, what did you get?"

"You wont like it"

So instead I sit through the previews that come on automatically.,.. Not looking good. Because it is all stupid previews I do not remember all of them, But two stand out, and should give me pause about the movie she rented.
Religulous and Control Room. Just before the movie comes on.... Wife says;

"you are not going to like it, go to your room"

Meaning the movie is going to be a idiot left wing nutjob atacking what you hold near and dear to your heart. Go to the computer room were you will be happy.

I stick it out... and then the movie starts...
W. Well she was right. So I stand up and turn to her.

"If the media was fair, we could already make a movie about Obama and all his mistakes, blunders and fuck ups in his less than 100 days in office... Sure Bush often stumbled in his speeches, but atleast we knew it was him and not the
TOTUS. Atleast Bush had honor and dignity.... He didnt give a VIDEO collection to a foreign head of state!!!! (that wouldnt play back in their country. From Rush;

...what do you think the gift Obama gave Gordon Brown is? It's a traditional thing. The first time the leader of a country shows up, you give them a gift. Let me first tell you what Gordon Brown's gift was. "Mr Brown's gifts," there were three, "included an ornamental desk pen holder made from the oak timbers of Victorian anti-slaver HMS Gannet, once named HMS President. Mr Obama was so delighted he has already put it in pride of place in the Oval Office on the Resolute Desk which was carved from timbers of Gannet's sister ship, HMS Resolute.

"Another treasure given to the US President was the framed commission for HMS Resolute, a vessel that came to symbolise Anglo-US peace when it was saved from ice packs by Americans and given to Queen Victoria. Finally, Mr Brown gave a first edition set of the seven-volume classic biography of Churchill by Sir Martin Gilbert." Now, this pen set, this pen set contains wood from the ship that Obama's desk in the Oval Office is made of. These are well-thought-out gifts given with tremendous respect. Do you know what Obama gave Gordon Brown? Twenty-five DVDs of classic American films. Not even Blu-ray, standard definition DVDs that Gordon Brown could have purchased on Amazon or Barnes & Noble or anywhere, if he had any desire to see them.
Wow... What a winner we have in the whitehouse.... So I get up and go into "my room" like a good boy and surf the web...

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