Monday, May 04, 2009

Villainous Company

Now perhaps I shouldn't be jumping in, but I must comment on a few more things...  Villainous Company attacks The Other McCain for his use of language...  Such words as slut and whore are over the line for her...  Yet her website has the following -

Welcome to the Snarkpit of Fascism:  proudly marginalizing the dimwitted...
Who are the dimwitts?  Shouldn't we steer away from such attacks of our political adversaries?

an offensive term that deliberately insults somebody's intelligence (informal)

Notice anything here?  Now I am not asking for Cassandra to take down the word dimwitted.  I ask that she acknowledge she might need to rethink her smug opposition to RS McCains approach. 

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Cassandra said...

Good Lord, man. It's called sarcasm. Just like when I call Republicans (of whom I am one) "rethugs".

It's a parody of the way the Reality Based Community talks. When was the last time you heard a conservative talk about "marginalizing the Other"?

Try reading BlameBush some time. It might help.

Meanwhile, as Jimmie from the Sundries Shack so aptly (and unintentionally) pointed out, Mr. McCain was not joking about that whole "whores" and "sluts" thing. Those were serious posts.

From his lips to God's ear.