Friday, May 01, 2009

....while surfin

While surfin the web I came accross some topics of interest....

Man shot dead outside London prison  2 things come to mind immediately...  1.  UK's gun control sure is working. 2.  Shouldn't the two bad guys already be in jail themselves?  Afterall it is said that the CCTV Cameras in the UK can follow and track everyone...  Oh let me guess, no cameras outside the PRISON!!!

Free school meals for 30,000 Newham pupils in bid to cut obesity another link about the UK...  but it is so telling in it's stupidity.  If those idiots cared to see what happens when you provide free meals they only need look at the California School system....

Oh yea, it does NOTHING for obesity...  But it does take from the workers and give to the non workers....

"Nationally, one in five eligible children does not take up free meals. Some officials believe this may be because of the stigma attached to pupils admitting they need financial help in front of classmates."
Don't worry, when you start handing it out to everyone they will all soon join in...

The problem with this program is that is won't be used instead of bad eating habits...  it will be added to their eating habits.

Free meals, foodstamps dont make for good eating habits...  it just gives free stuff to eat.  Then add it on top of the bad fastfood choices....

But foodstamps run low...  oh yea, the woman pictured here is starving!!  Or this guys picture of a line for people to get foodstamps in New Orleans.....  looks like they all are starving doesnt it.

Remember these people are food Inscure....   we must coddle them.

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Dana, you ignorant slut!!

To be serious for a moment, we should expect a whole lot more of this as the nomination process gets underway. But since there are so many eminently qualified women of all races, I have to assume that anybody who makes this complaint is really just, in their heart of hearts, offended by diversity and equality in representation.

Dana, to be serious for a moment, we on the right should never expect that those on the left would ever understand or care to admit their hatred of white men.

 "equality in representation" is another lefty code for Quotas.  I wonder how many Americans know how large companies are brow beaten into quotas?  How their facilites in geographic areas must match the demographics of an area?

That they can't just put out an ad in the paper, have people show up and hite them?  They are forced to seek out minorities... 

We will not be equal in America until we are judged on the content of our character, and not on the color of our skin or sex.

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